Day 2 P4P: Still Going Strong!


8:50am – Vicki and the team have already set off – it’s been a little wet but spirits are good after a tough first day, with many miles having already been covered!

12:00pm – Time for a break! A great company called ‘Cotswold Trailers’ let the team use its toilet and even made them a brew before it was time to set off again!

7:00pm – The team eventually arrived in Solihull. The afternoon turned into a bit of a disaster. Vicki and the team were making good progress and were aiming to hit Solihull at 4.30 pm.

However it started raining really hard and then one of the team got a puncture, this meant standing in the rain for 40 minutes while the wheel was changed.

Then half an hour after setting off again, the team got lost, which lead to another wait in the rain for 20 minutes whilst they worked out how to get back on track.

By this team the team were exhausted. Vicki and Sandra then had a very near miss with a car. Whilst crossing a main road their chain snapped, at the time a car was veering very fast towards them, luckily they were able to get out of the way in time and were able to quickly hop onto a spare tandem to cycle the last 5 miles to Solihull.

This certainly was an eventful day, finished off nicely with a trip to the cider house 3 miles from the hotel – the team even managed to raise £40 whilst there!!

Next stop is Sheffield! The team is making excellent progress, and will continue to keep us updated throughout the 260 mile ride.

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