P4P4 Day 2: The Sun Is Still Shining!

Day 2 and the sun is still shining!

Vicki comments:

“We set off from Hull at 9am on a cycle trail out of a city. However the route was not suitable for tandems which meant lots of stops becuase we had to keep dismounting as the gates were not wide enough, this also resulted in a few minor falls. As we continued out of hull, heading towards the open country side we passed through Hornsea and Bridlington, stopping Flamoborough Head for lunch. Over the last 20 miles of the day we enjoyed lots of fantastic views of the coastline and sea arriving in Scarborough at approximatley 4.30pm.

Day 2 was a fabulous day all round, however tomorrow is definitley going to be more challenging as we have an 8 mile hill out of Scarbourough to battle!”

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