P4P4 Day 3: A Very Hilly Day!

“The Blue team Set off at 8.50am from Scarborough which was quite a bit cooler than the previous 2 days but still no rain.

“There was a steep climb out of Scarborough which then became undulating and our chain came off going down a hill, but we soon got it back on. High winds made it very tough going until the first water stop at approx 27 miles in a sunny courtyard away from the winds.

“Then we had a very windy run through to Helmsley and stopped to have our picture taken outside the Black Swan at Helmsley to prepare for 2 massive climbs – the latter one climbing to the top of Sutton Bank before the big descent down.

“The Tandem can pick up great speeds once we get our momentum going and we were strongly advised not to let go of the brakes as hitting a pothole at over 30 MPH could be disastrous.

“We didn’t reach the ‘lunch’ stop until 2.45pm which was a very windy affair and soon everyone was keen to set off for the last 20 miles, which felt like 40 miles with a huge head wind and finally arrived in Harrogate at 5.30pm.

“It had been a really difficult day in the saddle.”

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