Pedal 4 Pounds 5 Day 3


A daunting day ahead that didn’t disappoint. We set off from Leicester Centre in very cold muggy weather with first the few miles through the centre and then the hard work began, it was very challenging with off road routes with many chicanes where we had to lift the Tandem above our heads to get through in addition to a few wrong turns.

Lunch became afternoon tea at 4.30pm after an exhausting 54 miles and lots of muddy tracks and punctures in the team and a few incorrect directions. The red team ( very professional cyclists) couldn’t believe The Tandem Girls had actually done the route so far and how fast we could go.

Having lost 6 members of the team en route today and celebrating a 25th birthday we finally arrived at the Premier Inn at 7pm exhausted.

Aching limbs we had drink , food and bed ready for the last 44 mile challenge in the morning, back to the John Smith stadium and the lap of honour!!

Deep heat at the ready!