How it works


The Pink Link deliver your consignments of Palletised goods across the United Kingdom & Europe. Whilst travelling through the network, pallets can be handled on average 8 times;

  1. Collected by your premises and transported to the Pink Link depot.
  2. Consolidated onto large efficient trailers then transported to the network hub for sorting,
  3. Collected by the delivery member (closest to the goods final destination) and transported in bulk to their local depot.
  4. Assigned to a delivery vehicle and delivered to its final destination.

All pallets are tracked & photographed to note the condition of the goods & location throughout its entire journey. And all of this happens whilst you are sleeping!

Please watch our videos below for more information on Palletised Network Distribution and what Pink Link can offer.

Life of a pallet

Palletways evening deliveries

How to prepare a pallet

Rules for delivering your pallet