The Palletways Network


Pink Link are part of the Palletways network – the largest express palletised freight network in the UK. With more than 115 member depots strategically spread across the UK and Ireland, our network excels in connecting businesses seamlessly through integrated logistics.


The Palletways network handles over 25,000 pallets daily. By leveraging vast resources and extensive connections, we’re able to ensure fast and efficient deliveries across the UK and Europe. Palletways are trusted by more businesses than any other network to move their freight, and their market leading UK network is supported by over 400 members within 450 depots delivering into 24 European countries.


  • UK’s most popular pallet network
  • European coverage
  • 25,000 pallets per day
  • Over 30 years of experience

Life of a pallet

How it works


Here’s how The Pink Link ensures the delivery of your palletised goods across the United Kingdom and Europe.


1. First, your consignments are collected from your premises and transported to the Pink Link depot.
2. At our depot, the pallets are consolidated onto large and efficient trailers, which are then transported to the Palletways network hub for sorting.
3. The pallets are then picked up by the delivery member closest to the goods’ destination and transported in bulk to their local depot.
4. Each pallet is assigned to a specific delivery vehicle for the final leg of the journey.
5. Finally, the goods are delivered to their ultimate destination.


Throughout the entire journey, we ensure the safety and efficiency of your goods by continuously tracking and photographing all pallets, documenting their condition and location.

Rules for delivering your pallet

How to prepare a pallet

Palletways evening deliveries